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  meghnatel technologies  understands that when our customers are purchasing IT solutions from us, they’re also investing in meghnatel technologies  and the support that we provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are an end-to-end IT Solution Provider, with the value added services and support that customers have come to expect when they’re making an IT investment. Our customers know that whatever their IT needs, meghnatel technologies  has both the business experience and technical resources necessary to respond to any support challenge. Network Design & Installation services.
 meghnatel technologies specializes in designing, installation and support of various Local Area Networks (LANs). We offer a total solution, from network design, installation, to maintenance and support for large enterprise, small/medium business, as well as small offices. We propose a complete solution, including BoQ, network design, and breakdown of costs by labor, parts, service, and other factors. So whether you require a new LAN or require a Network “Health check” on your current LAN, meghnatel technologies can offer you an unbiased and objective solution that meets both your business needs and develops your network. meghnatel technologies builds structured cabled LAN including installation and termination of Cat5e and Cat6, installation of data cabinets, patch panels, switches, cable management etc.
  • Office Networking, Work Station LAN Computer Printer Sharing
  • Domain, Hosting Registration, Website Development, Webmail,
  • Software, RFID
  • Server Rack, Server, and IT Products
  • Computer, Printer
  • Access Control and Time Attendance System
  • CCTV, Door Lock, NVR, POS, Fingerprint Time Attendance Built-In Backup Battery
  • Fingerprint Time Attendance Built-In Backup Battery

Ø  Meghnatel Technologies core confidence & Website Development Service

A domain name is your unique name on the Internet. It allows your company, organization or family to establish an Internet presence, consisting of your personalized email addresses and your own web site address. Each domain name in the world must be unique – only one company can register and utilize

1. Client appreciation for quality products, quality service, after sales support and Commitment.

2. Adequate knowledge on Fiber Technology

3. More than 18 years’ experience

4. Trained Engineer and Technical Staff.

5. One stops Support and Service Center.

6. High Quality products with competitive price.

7. Customized Fiber Patch Cord with One-day notice.

8. Very Short Delivery time.

9. Prompt after sales service.

10. Internal Audit for customer service & core staff performance.

11. In house and outside training for all officers & staffs.

System Security Specialist Working at System Control Center. Room is Full of Screens Displaying Various Information.

Office Networking LAN

Domain, Hosting Registration, Website Development, Web-mail,

Server Rack, Server, and IT Products

Computer, Printer

Access Control and Time Attendance System 

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